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About Us

L.E.S. is an audio-visual systems contractor specializing in churches. Working in the Phoenix, Arizona area since 1984, we have established a reputation of quality systems tailored to our client's needs.

Jim LaRue founded the business to meet the sound system needs of churches. He had operated the sound system in his church for years, and saw the need and heeded the call to help other churches with their sound systems. After studying with other sound system contractors and attending design courses at Synergetic Audio Concepts, Jim started helping those in need. Soon, word of the quality of his work spread and he was able to start full time in business.

As churches change styles of worship, with many now incorporating contemporary styles, the demands on the sound system has changed. Additionally, technology has become more prevalent to the consumer: compact discs have replaced LP's, concert production has improved, digital playback systems in movie theaters are the norm, and home theater systems are becoming popular. As such, the quality that people have come to expect has increased. Likewise, people are expecting better quality sound in church - they simply want to be able to understand the spoken Word and to worship effectively.

Communicating effectively requires good sound that is clear, understandable, able to convey musical content of the worship service, without distortion, annoying hums, buzzes, and feedback. When we evaluate the needs of a client, we consider all of these aspects. Our goal is to provide you with professional systems that meet all of your needs while using the most cost effective methods.

As churches strive to communicate more effectively, and as technology continues to enhance communication, churches are using the available technology such as video and theatrical lighting to meet their goals. We can provide all of these systems, as tools to help the pastor and staff communicate the message God has given them.

In the area of video, we can provide systems from basic graphics projection to full image-magnification systems (IMAG) that provide live video reinforcement. A complete understanding of brightness, contrast, image size, program content, and signal quality allow us to provide a complete system that will meet your needs. This includes your needs now and your needs in the future as new technologies such as HDTV come into place.

Lighting can set the spirit of a room faster than any other medium. We can provide stage and theatrical lighting systems from design to installation. From simple systems that help emphasize portions of a liturgical service to full theatrical systems that properly support full drama ministries. From fully integrated architectural systems to basic portable setups, we can provide the equipment and expertise to allow you to communicate your message as effectively as possible.

L.E.S. is a company focusing on the personal touch. As the demand for our systems has grown, we have expanded our staff with quality individuals to provide the best service possible. Our expansion also includes people that have expertise in video and lighting. We are here to meet all your church technical needs.

Whatever your church technical program needs, we're here to help you.

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