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We've had to cancel our conference for 2007. Please check back for information regarding our 2008 conference. If you've never attended before, check out the pictures and comments from a previous year's seminar HERE. Please check this page at a later time for information on next year's conference.

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You Learn! - Classes - Instructors - Equipment Expo - Included

And for serious audiophiles, consider attending one of Syn-Aud-Con's Sound System Seminars.

Many people end up operating the sound, video, and lighting systems at their local church because they felt they could help and no one else volunteered. Others can't dream of being anywhere else on Sunday morning except in the tech booth at church. Whether you're at either one of these ends or somewhere in between, L.E.S. offers an annual training conference in Phoenix, Arizona geared toward helping the church tech operator improve his or her skills. We understand what it is like to operate the tech systems, many of you by yourselves, week after week. This provides a cost-effective way to interact with others just like yourself and learn from the professionals some of the tricks to make your job easier.

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Learn from industry leaders how to effectively use the technical tools available to enhance worship in your church. Ask professionals how to solve your specific problems. Meet with your peers from other churches to discuss problems and solutions to the demands you face. Get proven tips and tricks to improve your sound, video, and lighting. Find out what is possible with the latest technology. You will find this and more at our exciting and information packed conference.

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Overview of classes:


 Sound Essentials

Gain an understanding of what sound is and how to work with it to help the music of your church touch the soul and your pastor's message pierce the heart.

 Audio Mixing

Learn the technical side of your mixer and supplemental equipment. Learn to listen to the sound and get ideas to creatively blend music and voice.


Find out about the different types of microphones, where and when to use which kind, how to minimize feedback, and what to be aware of when using wireless.

 Loudspeakers & Monitors

Learn how to select the right type of loudspeakers for your application and how to compare different models objectively.

 Advanced Topics

We also offer classes on the human perception of hearing, digital audio, and optimum 'buzz free' connections between equipment.


 Media Ministry

Step through what it takes for a successful media ministry. We will look at what it takes to produce videos in your church. Explore ideas for creatively enhancing your services and supporting the other ministries of your church.

 Video Projection

Projectors, screens, switchers, RGB, S, YUV, scalers, and downconverters. We will make sense of the equipment and technical specifications you need to know in implementing a video system. Find out what you need to consider in a projection system to maximize your budgets and effectively use the equipment you have.


 Lighting Basics

We'll cover the basic concepts of lighting as well as an overview of the different types of lighting equipment. If you're just starting out with a lighting system, this is the class to start with.

 Lighting for Church Drama

What equipment do you need to properly support your next drama presentation? We'll look at the hardware such as appropriate types of fixtures and controllers as well as practical principles to use what you have to maximize performance and give your dramas a professional appearance.


This is just a sample of the elective classes presented. There are classes to accommodate novice, intermediate, and advanced students. Specific classes and schedules will be listed on our website around conference time. For more details, contact us.

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Equipment Show  

Come see the equipment exposition including leading AV manufacturers such as Analog Way, Apogee Sound, Ashly Audio, Atlas Sound, Audio-Technica, BSS, Crown, Lexicon, Mackie, Marantz, Renkus-Heinz, Shure, Soundcraft, Sennheiser, TOA, Versipanel, Williams and others! See the latest equipment first-hand and talk with the representatives about solutions to your audio-visual needs.

Equipment Show Crown Truck

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Our instructors include some of the elite in the industry. We are priviledged to have Shure, Apogee Sound, Ashly Audio, and others lend us their premiere talent. They have taught at such venues as Inspiration, INFOCOMM, Willowcreek Community, and many international events. For a complete listing of previous instructors, click here.

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Registration Includes  

  Full day with choice of any 4 elective classes as scheduled

  Syllabus with pen and note paper

  Continental breakfast & an all-you-can-eat sandwich / salad lunch

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Costs for the 2008 conference will be announced at a later date.

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The date for the 2008 conference has not been announced yet. Please check back periodically for updated information.

Orangewood Church of the Nazarene

7510 North 27th Avenue

Phoenix, Arizona 85051

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(Just off I-17 & Northern)

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Synergetic Opportunity!

For very advanced audiophiles, consider attending a Synergetic Audio Concepts (Syn-Aud-Con) seminar, held around the world. Visit the web site at www.synaudcon.com.

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You Learn! - Instructors - Classes - Equipment Expo

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