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Internationally-known leaders in their respective fields from cutting-edge companies will once again serve as conference instructors. Care has been taken to select instructors not only for their depth of knowledge, but also for their ability to convey the information to you - the church technical operator.

  R.Bob Adams

SLS Loudspeakers

R. Bob Adams is the Director of Technical Communications for SLS Loudspeakers. R.Bob specializes in room acoustics, sound reinforcement, and lighting for churches. He is featured in Crown International's "LIVE SOUND! FOR HOUSES OF WORSHIP" video and is sought after to conducted many church training seminars such as the Inspiration Conferences. He has written articles for Technologies for Worship, The Church Musician, The Communicator, and Sound & Video Contractor magazines. His active involvement for over 25 years in the technical ministries of his home church in Houston further keeps him aware of what it means to be a church tech operator. It will be a delight to hear him pass on his knowledge, mix in some humor, and speak from his heart about the ministry of sound and its part in worship.


  Kathy Callies

Williams Sound Corp. - National Sales Manager

Kathy is the National Sales Manager at Williams Sound Corp. Kathy has 14 years experience at WSC, in customer service, inside sales and sales management. She currently works with Williams Sound's rep network, which involves extensive travel working with consultants, dealers and end users. Kathy has vast knowledge in the areas of hearing assistance, language interpretation, tour guide and ALD products.


  Steve Lund

CCI Solutions

Steve started in church AV in junior high-school when asked to fill in for his father on the sound board (all 4 channels) one Sunday. That started a regular involvement in church sound that continues to this day. This led to a degree in Industrial Television Production and work in the professional audio-visual industry including corporate AV and video production, cable TV audio and video, and freelance videography. He also worked in the computer industry working his way up from basic technician to manager, help desk support services, and class instructor. God graciously brought Steve's missionary kid background and technical talents together for several years at L.E.S. as the senior Systems Integrator / Designer for professional sound and video systems for churches. Steve is now on staff as a Systems Designer at CCI Solutions in Olympia, Washington.


  Karl Miller

Faith Church of the Valley - Technical Director


Seashell Sound - Audio and Acoustics Consulting

Karl Miller is a 1981 graduate of Northern Arizona University with a BS degree in Electrical Engineering. He has over 20 years experience consulting and designing Church Sound Systems, Multi-track Recording Studios, and Audio/ Video Studios and Broadcast Systems. He has designed several Recording and On-air studios, as well as various mono and LCR church sound systems. His background as a musician, recording studio owner, sound engineer, design engineer, and consultant provide him with a broad background in both the Art and Science of audio. Karl also has the unique ability to explain complex concepts with easy to understand analogies and examples. He has been sharing his knowledge of audio and acoustics in seminars and through consulting since 1984. Karl is the Technical Director at Faith Church of the Valley in Chandler, Arizona where he oversees their Sound, Video & Lighting ministry.


  John Murray

Prosonic Solutions

John has a solid and long-lasting career in the sound industry. John himself was fortunate to be the first person to simultaneously perform DSP-based acoustical measurements and signal processing on a single laptop PC. He holds a B.S. in Radio-TV Production. He helped develop various professional audio products including the Variable Intensity Horns while working for Altec, Electro-Voice, and later TOA Electronics. While with Peavey, he provided training for their leading digital audio products: Media Matrix. John has hosted two Syn-Aud-Con workshops and is also a long-time instructor for Pro Sound New Magazine's Live Sound Workshop. He has published and presented two separate papers to the Audio Engineering Society. We are privileged to have him bring his wealth of knowledge and talent to our conference.


  Greg Silsby

Fellowship of Technical Ministries

Greg Silsby is the founder and Executive Director of the Fellowship of Technical Ministries, an international association of people who serve the Church through the use of technology. Greg's 39 years in the AV industry have included sound contracting, sound reinforcement mixing, field and studio recording, video production, broadcast production and studio design. Greg has also served as a Youth Minister, Minister of Music and as a Marketing Manager or Director for several well-known audio manufacturers. He has lectured to audio engineers, broadcasters and church media technicians in 14 countries. Greg's writing credits include the microphone chapters of the NAB Engineering Handbook, 7th, 8th and 9th editions, and his articles or columns have appeared in magazines serving the broadcast and commercial sound industries as well as those that address the technical needs of churches.


  Tim Thornton

Apogee Sound International, LLC

Tim was most recently Vice President of International Sales for Apogee Sound, a leader in concert loudspeaker systems. He was formerly Lead Audio Engineer for Winning Walk Ministries at 2nd Baptist Church, Houston. It is a great value to have him bring this combination of real experience with loudspeakers and real experience with the needs of churches to our conference. In addition, his expertise matches his gift of communicating enthusiastically with church laymen.


  Tim Vear

Shure, Inc.

Tim Vear is an applications engineer with Shure. He has been fortunate to combine his lifelong interest in both entertainment and science. He has worked as an engineer in live sound, recording and broadcast, has operated his own recording studio and sound company, and has played music professionally since high school. Tim is an international authority on microphones speaking to such groups as the National Systems Contractor Association, the Audio Engineering Society, and the Society of Broadcast Engineers. He has also had articles appear in Recording Engineer/Producer, Live Sound Engineering, Creator, and others. Yet is excellent at making the technical subjects clear to the novice user. It is a privilege to have such a gifted musician and speaker return to conduct our sessions on microphones.


  Todd Wynn

Christ's Church of the Valley

Todd's 19 years in theater and church lighting has given him an understanding of the unique needs and considerations that a church faces. His experience is backed by a bachelor's degree in theater design. He is currently the lead gaffer (volunteer lighting technician) for the new 3000 seat Christ's Church of the Valley overseeing the extensive stage, theatrical, and intelligent lighting system while coordinating a crew of volunteers. He will share his view on how lighting can enhance the presentation of the Gospel from drama to preaching.

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